RLIV (Rocket League Inventory Viewer) is a website to synchronize and store your Rocket League items so you can look at them without having to launch the game. It also has QoL features, like sorting by multiples, painted versions, rarity, type... You can click on items to get more info, like the certification level, and the value of the item. The website also calculates a mean value of your entire inventory, between the lowest and the highest combined values of all your items.

This project wouldn't have been possible without the help from Jon Sandman, who generously covered the costs of hosting the website for a full year, Bakkes that provided helpful features to his mod, rl.insider.gg that provided price values for each item and glhglh for helping me optimize updates.

If you want to check out my Twitter account, I sometimes post Rocket League related stuff, like work on this website, but also on custom maps I design for the Rocket League Workshop.

I am currently paying with my own money to host this website, so if you think it's great and want to help me out, You can donate here.